So you’ve written a book…

Look at that book leave the nest!

Congratulations! But of course, that’s just the beginning.

Now you need your book to sell. Ideally other people will tell their friends about it, blog about it on their websites, tweet about it, rave about it, review it on Amazon/GoodReads/Kobo/Indigo and generally drive awareness through the roof.

That can happen–but you’ve got to give it all a little push.

Yes, your publisher and publicist will do some things. Like the launch and promo copies, if you’re lucky. But these days, even traditionally published authors are expected to market their own books.

But where to start? Facebook? Check. Goodreads? Check. Twitter...? What else?

We’re here to help you take control of your book marketing and understand which social media you should definitely use, which ones you should probably use, and which ones to stay away from. And then, how to use them effectively so they don’t take up all of your spare time.

We’re authors, too. Our webinars are specifically for authors. As an author, you: have limited time to do marketing, are (probably) not a technology wizard, and you have a limited budget. But you’re smart and you can write–which makes you the ideal user of social media.

Our low-cost, very practical webinars give you the guidance and information you need to use social media effectively to promote your book and get your “reading community” talking about it.

Look over the list of webinars we offer. They’re $45 each for one hour and you don’t have to leave your home-office. You can ask us questions during and after the webinar, so you’ll get the information you need.

Pick the webinar that interests you and get started promoting your book today.