A Social Media Checklist for your Book Event

Event Checklist

Event Checklist

One of the best things about social media and the Internet is the ability to geo-target actual humans who can attend your events.

  • Take advantage of location #hashtags on Twitter to let local tweeters know about your event.
  • If the venue has a Twitter account, be sure to include them in your tweets (hopefully they will reciprocate and retweet you).
  • Google+ allows you to post to specific groups, like Toronto Bookclubs or Calgary Readers.
  • Create a Facebook event, but invite people who can actually come out of your list of friends.
  • Pinterest your event poster and Instagram it as well. Ideally a photo in situ rather than just a flat file.
  • If you create a Facebook advert you can target even more, picking a group of Facebook(er)s within a certain radius.
  • If you can get someone to live-tweet photos at your event, that would be ideal.

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