Should you do an “author event”? How to decide

Find the tag - win a free e-book!

Find the tag – win a free e-book! #proseinthepark

It’s a question we all have to ask ourselves, is this author event worth the cost, time and effort? Return on Investment (ROI) is an sticky subject amongst artists and writers – after all, we write for the love of writing!

The problem is that after the writing comes the marketing, and that is often almost solely on the shoulders of the author.

This site and our webinars are filled with ideas about how to efficiently use your time online to gain readers and sell books, but inevitably, there are real face-to-face events to consider.

Here are some of the questions we ask before agreeing to an author event:

1. Is there a bookseller there or are you hauling and selling your own books?

2. How many authors will be at this event? What genre do they write in?

3. How many people showed up for last year’s event?

4. How much will it cost you out of pocket to attend this event?

5. Who will be at this event? Are they my target audience?

6. How can I stand out at this event?

bulbGreat idea: I recently attended Prose in the Park in Ottawa, and I created a scavenger hunt. People who found special “tags” (see image above) that I’d hidden in the trees could come to my booth for a free e-copy of my book. People loved it, and it worked to boost awareness of my book!

Image: Bombeta de Llum