Tooting your own horn

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.34.06 AMOne of the first things you have to get over when you start down the path to publication is your reluctance to talk about yourself and your books A LOT. Get used to it. It’s part of the deal. Get over the shyness. Muscle past the embarrassment. Jump in front of the crowd.

So how do you do that without alienating the network of people you’re a part of?

  1. Talk about more than just yourself.
  2. If someone toots your horn for you, retoot them
  3. Make your message more than just ‘buy my books.’
  4. Toot artistically (and strategically)

1. Talk about more than just yourself
Most of us have friends in the industry, so make sure you are tooting their horns as much as you toot yours and you will guarantee yourself a network of people who are returning the favour. So your social media posts become about writers and illustrators you surround yourself with or admire. And theirs include accolades about you.

2. If someone toots your horn for you, retoot them
Whenever I get an awesome review on GoodReads, I tweet about it, Facebook it and thank that reviewer in every social medium I have access to. That is an easy way to both thank your fans AND further the message of your book.

Great example

Great example of using an article to talk about your books.

3. Make your message more than just ‘buy my books.’
We have an entire webinar dedicated to all the subjects you can talk about in social media other than just ‘buy my books’ but to put it simply here, vary your message. Grab news articles or blog posts you’ve read because they interest you and use them to direct people to your own stuff.
<—–   A great example to the left by Alison Bruce.

4. Toot artistically (and strategically)
What are your other artistic talents? Do you create awesome videos? Can you draw? Or paint? Or play music? Is there a way for canada-day-PortiaAdamsyou to create art that relates back to your books? A way to toot back to the writing?
This is an example of something I created for Canada Day based on my Portia Adams series (which is based in the 1930s) that I sent out in my newsletter to my fans and posted all over my social media. Again, it’s not explicit, it’s just a visual reminder.


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