Great ideas to generate online content

Authors and illustrators are a creative bunch. So make sure you’re just as creative in the way you do your online promotion. Here are some suggestions:

Kari Lynn Bad Pirate launchRun with the theme
Picture book author Kari-Lynn Winters recently launched her picture book, Bad Pirate. Her book launch was held on “Talk like a pirate day,” and she invited kids to dress up like pirates, which they did—in droves. She handed out pirate hats and swords, and the bookstore owners randomly yelled out lines from her book throughout the launch (in pirate voices, naturally). It was a huge success. And of course, Kari-Lynn now has a ton of material to tweet, Facebook and blog about, all of it pretty darned adorable.

Capture Gabby artPost reader-generated content
My first picture book, Gabby, inspired a lot of a kids to draw their own pictures. (Thanks to illustrator Jan Dolby, who created Gabby.) So I opened a spot on my blog and put the artwork online. I ask kids to send in their art and when they do, I add it to my online kids’ art gallery. At one school, the kids covered the gym walls with more than 400 pieces of Gabby art. I snapped a picture of each one and posted it in my online gallery. I regularly tweet and Facebook about the gallery.

Angela at indie book dayGet involved in book events
There are lots of great book events and festivals and getting involved in them not only helps them, it helps to promote your own books. Take a selfie of yourself involved in a book event like Free Comic Book Day, Indie Bookstore Day or Word on the Street and post it on social media. Make sure you use the hashtag for the event and also tag the booksellers and even co-ordinators.



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