Interesting tweets = clicks = sales

By AlpsdakeWhen you’re tweeting, make sure you’re writing for your audience, not yourself.  If you want people to click on your link (or follow you, or retweet you) that is.

For instance, here’s a tweet written for yourself:

So proud to have been on @XGRV-TV’s Book Talk yesterday. Had a great time! (link)

Well that’s nice, but who’s going to click through to watch your segment? Why would anyone? Now, here’s the same tweet written for your readers. It gives them a reason to click through:

I talked to @XGRV-TV about five great local book festivals you should attend! (link)


Want to attend a great book festival? Here are five: (link)
via @XGRV-TV

Don’t just tell people about your segment, pick an interesting bit of information from your segment, and mention that. That will make people want to click through to find out what else you’ve got to tell them.

This is about a (fictional) TV segment, but it could just as easily have been about a blog you’re interviewed for, or a magazine article or a radio show.

Also, notice that neither the tweets nor the segment is about your book, or about asking people to buy your book. But that message will get through—as people get to know you because you’ve got good information to share, they’ll also buy your books.

Sometimes the path from social media appreciation to actual book buying is not obvious, but think about brands you trust and why you like (and buy) them. Catch people’s attention, draw them in with good content and you will create fans—the most powerful type of buyers there are.


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