The power of a book trailer

Something you’ve probably been seeing crop up all over place are short video book trailers.

They are a valuable way to market your books in a visual way, and give you access to some social media you might not otherwise have content for — such as Vimeo and YouTube.

With over a billion users, YouTube has a massive audience, and you can only get to them through quality video.

Do your research, do a search for book trailers on YouTube to see what kinds of content are people producing. Some are as simple as the author reading from their book. Others (like the one below) feature minimal animation and some key words to push to the book itself.

All include keywords, links and most importantly, and easiest way to buy the book.

Some basics:

  • Keep it short (under 2 minutes)
  • Add links
  • Maintain the emotional effect throughout
  • Finish strong