Added Value = Added Sales

By now you know that the words that become your precious published novel are not the only ones you’ll need to actually sell your book.

You know there is blogging and tweeting and marketing that needs to be done.

But isn’t everyone else doing that?

Not everyone, but yes, authors are learning and adapting to the new techniques of self-marketing.
Separate yourself from the pack with value-added content:

  • Create an amazing teacher’s guide
  • Design workshops and handouts for events
  • Release a monthly podcast about the genre you write in
  • Create posters for events so venues don’t have to

You don’t have to do all of these, but picking one thing that you can produce well can differentiate you from the crowd, and bring attention to your books.

What are your value-added ideas?

Some value-added content to this blog post:
Here’s a good article on “how to write a teacher’s guide.”

A simple “How to podcast” tutorial.

If you want to create a poster or handout for your event but don’t know what design software to use, try Canva — it’s easy, it’s online and it’s free (well, freemium, anyway).