Use your book’s themes, for a more successful event

You have a much better chance of being able to create a successful book event if you attach it to something exciting or interesting that’s already happening.

For instance, my middle-grade book, Tagged Out, is about a baseball team. It’s also got a strong secondary character who is gay.

I can hook a book event to those two themes: baseball and LGBT.

June is PRIDE week, so I called up a local Chapters store and asked if they were planning any LGBT activities. They invited me to present my book at their location during PRIDE week—and they’re arranging to have other authors there as well, to make it an event.

I’m also doing a Goodreads giveaway during PRIDE.

And, a kids’ baseball league near me is celebrating their opening day celebrations later this month. I asked them if I could do a book event in the park with them that day. They were happy to oblige, because it meant there would be one more exciting event happening during their opening day celebrations. (Their first date was rained out—so my book Launch Tagged Out GRAPHICevent was rained out too, a small down-side to partnering this way. But we’re going to hold it on another date.)

As they publicize their opening day, my book event gets mentioned as well. More exposure and a larger audience than I have alone.

Think about the themes in your book. And try to hook it onto events that are happening near you, that relate to that theme.

It can help you to generate more excitement—and more attendees—for your event.