Googling yourself

In every webinar and one-on-one session we give, Joyce and I talk about the importance of controlling your presence on the internet. One of the steps in that process is to Google yourself once in a while from different computers. Personally, I have a timer in my calendar that prompts me to Google myself once a month, but you obviously don’t need to be that prescriptive.

This time when I Googled my own name, I found nothing surprising, but Googling the titles of my books, I came out with an interesting finding.

Google: Jewel of the Thames, the title of my first book.

Google: Jewel of the Thames, the title of my first book.

When I clicked on that top link for the Pickering Library, I found that Jewel of the Thames is one of the books in their 2017 ‘Battle of the Books‘ competition.

Long-story short, I emailed the library and thanked them for including Jewel, and am now making arrangements to come by for a visit to these fine students who will be participating in the Battle of the Books.

The Pickering Library Battle of the Books page

The Pickering Library Battle of the Books page

Why Google yourself? This is why:

An important connection is made, the Library gets the thanks they deserve, and maybe some kids get a bit of a real-life thrill meeting a local author.

This is to say nothing of the value to your brand and your book sales.


CANSCAIP Prezi and Notes

canscaipThis is our Prezi that we made for the CANSCAIP members on November 9th, feel free to peruse it online.

It’s just a bunch of well-laid out slides, but it could inspire your future presentations.

In the meantime, we talked about a lot of different marketing and digital strategy techniques in our short presentation, and we wanted to make sure we provided further links in case you are interested.

TOOLS of the TRADE (these are linked to the official sites):  |   Hootsuite  |   Dropial   |  |  GoodReads Author pages  |