The details no one tells you about: Provincial Grants

When you become an author, there are little tips and tricks you pick up along the journey, at different times and from different people.

Some of these tips and tricks actually effect your pocketbook, so rather than assuming everyone knows about these, we wanted to provide a short list of things you should sign up for as soon as you have that first book out there in the real world.

This is the second of two posts about this subject (here’s a link to the first), and is not meant to be an exhaustive list, we’re just sharing our knowledge in the hopes no author gets left behind. Each of these grants have their own rules, deadlines and submission requirements, so please go through each website carefully to see if it can benefit you and your writing.

And Joyce and I are from Ontario, so we’ve only every applied for Ontario and Toronto grants. It’s totally possible that we’re missing provincial grants from our list, so please tell us about them in the comments below!

  1. Toronto Arts Council Grants
    This is a grant you can apply for every year for a work in progress. Amounts depend on whether you are a new writer ($5,000) or an established writer ($10,000).
  2. Ontario Arts Council Grants
    Called the Literary Creation Project, this is a grant you can apply for every year that has different levels of funding and different types of projects they fund. From the website:  “Eligibility for this program has been expanded to include writers who have been self-publishing on a professional basis or working professionally in newer artistic disciplines or creative industries. Existing eligibility criteria for traditionally published writers, comics creators, and creator/performers of performance literatures remain unchanged.”
  3. The Alberta Foundation for the Arts:
    The AFA provides funding “Up to $15,000 to support the development of individual Alberta artists, arts administrators, or an ensemble of artists by providing funding for a specific literary arts project.”
  4. The Calgary Arts Development:
    The CAD has a few options for literary folks to apply for grants and support, which they call investment programs.
  5. The British Columbia Arts Council:
    The BCA has a grant called Project Assistance for Creative Writers that is for individual authors that gives two levels of grants – one for $6,000 and one for $12,000, depending on your experiences level.
  6. The Manitoba Arts Council:
    The MAC has at least 10 different options for individual authors with varying grant amounts.
  7. The Winnipeg Arts Council:
    The WAC has two levels of grants for literary artists, up to $2,000 for emerging writers and up to $5,000 for established writers.
  8. Saskatchewan Arts Board:
    The only literary grant we could find on the SAB site was for one called the Independent Artists Program, which supposedly doesn’t have an upper grant limit ?!?
  9. Yukon Government:
    The Yukon government has an Arts Fund that writers can tap into.

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