About Us

We are firm believers that “a rising tide lifts all boats.” Our goal is to help to bring all authors up to the same standard. We know, first-hand, how much marketing and self-promotion authors are expected to do these days, and how overwhelming the growing social media platforms can be. Let us help you get your feet wet and start navigating it with confidence. Or, if you’re already familiar with the platforms you want, let us show you how to use them more effectively.

booklaunch-smiling-circleAngela Misri is a novelist and social media strategist living in Toronto. Before getting her first publishing contract, Angela spent 14 years making CBC Radio EXTRA-Terrestrial through podcasts, website and live-streaming. She teaches the ‘Intro to Digital Journalism’ course at Ryerson University and has worked as a social media strategist for more than eight years.

Angela’s first book is called Jewel of the Thames and is the first in a detective series called ‘A Portia Adams Adventure‘. The second book is called Thrice Burned and was released in Canada in March 2015. The third is called No Matter How Improbable and was released in Canada in March 2016.

Twitter: @karmicangel
YouTube: One Fictitious Moment (a #writingtips series on YouTube)
iTunes: Ada’s Sisters (a podcast about digital culture)

Joyce Grant is an editor, marketing specialist and author. She co-founded Teaching Kids News, a kid-friendly news website and has produced award-winning marketing and advertising. Her middle-grade novel, Tagged Out, was published in Feb. 2016 by Lorimer. She also wrote the GABBY series of picture books (illustrated by Jan Dolby, published by Fitzhenry & Whiteside). The third book in that series, Gabby: Wonder Girl, comes out in August 2016. Visit her author website for more information, teacher resources or to book Joyce for a school visit.

Twitter, Instagram and Litsy: @JGCanada
Twitter: @teachkidsnews


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