Here is a list of our upcoming webinars. Feel free to drop us an email if you have any questions!

What are hashtags anyway?

And how can authors use them to their advantage on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and elsewhere?

This is one of our short-and-sweet webinars.

Cost: FREE for a 15-minute webinar.
Upcoming Dates: November 4, 2015 from 2 – 2:15pm ET

How do you get readers (the right readers) to attend your author events?

From using the ripple effects of a Meetup to harnessing the power of a Facebook Event post, we’ve got a checklist of tried-and-true methods to drive awareness of your event.

There is a countdown clock of social media and digital actions that start long before the actual event that speeds up as you get closer and closer.

Let us help you create a practical real-world schedule of event drivers in this one-hour webinar.

Cost: $40US for a one-hour webinar.
Upcoming Dates: Sunday, December 13, 2015 from 2-3pm ET

It’s great that you have an author website (or are planning one). It’s important. It’s the hub of your reading community. It’s the face of your brand. It’s where your readers go to find out what you’re up to and what you’ve written recently, and to delve more deeply into your work.

But do you love your website? And does it work hard for you and your readers?

We’ll show you how to fix your author website. We’ll help you make sure it attracts the right audience and provides that behind-the-scenes access your readers are looking for. We’ll tell you exactly what it needs to have on it, to help people buy your book and how to make that happen. (Does it have an RSS feed? Hmmm… not sure? Take the webinar!)

Cost: $4oUS for a one-hour webinar
Upcoming Dates: Sunday, December 6, 2015 from 2-3pm ET

Here’s the number one thing we hear from authors: “I barely have time to write — I sure don’t have time to futz around on social media.”

Well, do you have two hours a week? To increase awareness of your book — of course you do! We will show you which social media you definitely have to use, and how to schedule your time effectively so that it’s time well-spent.
We’ll show you how just two hours a week can change your world. You’ll come away with a schedule, great ideas, and more free writing time.

Cost: $40US for a one-hour webinar.
Upcoming Dates: TBD

I don’t have to do goodreads… I’m on Facebook! Well, what if we told you that goodreads is the Facebook for readers? And that it’s the place readers go to figure out what to read next. Ah, now you’re getting it.

There’s a ton of stuff you’re probably not taking advantage of on goodreads. If you’re a goodreads expert–if you’ve joined the groups, if your author page is awesome, if you’ve done the giveaways–feel free to skip this one.

But if you’re not great at goodreads, or if you’re not sure… this will be the best $40 you’ve ever invested.

Cost: $40US for a one-hour webinar
Upcoming Dates: TBD

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